Climate and Society graduates are able to apply our interdisciplinary climate curriculum (ie, the climate lens) to any sector/domain and are uniquely qualified to develop and evaluate proposals and initiatives related to decarbonization, disaster response, environmental health, adaptation and resilience, socio-political change, and much more—with an orientation towards evidence-based decision making and equitable outcomes. 

Furthermore, our graduates are adept at communicating the value and impact of such efforts and are often entrusted with the important task of building and stewarding partnerships that can accelerate climate action and progress. 


Students start the 12-month program in September. Some students are available to work part time during the fall and spring semesters, whereas all students are available to work full time in the summer. Summer is the final semester and designed so that students can gain practical experience through a capstone project, internship, or permanent job. Students complete the program in mid-August.

Share an opportunity 

If you have an internship/fellowship or full-time job that you'd like to circulate amongst our students or alumni, please email career@climate.columbia.edu


Host an info session

If you would like to present your organization and job opportunities and interact with our students, email career@climate.columbia.edu. We can set up a virtual or in-person employer info session. 

Career outcomes

Stories of our Graduates