The MA in Climate and Society awards a limited number of fellowships annually. The majority of students fund their studies privately or through students loans. 

The program offers a limited number of partial fellowships annually. The fellowships are awarded based on merit and offered to a limited number of applicants. The average award is $15,000. 

Every student who applies to the MA in Climate and Society is automatically considered for a fellowship and there is no separate application. If a student is awarded a fellowship, they will be notified in their offer letter. 

The program funds a number of departmental research assistantships (DRAs) that are available exclusively to Climate and Society students and involve work with members of Columbia's climate research community. DRAs require an average of 10-12 hours of work per week and pay $3,000 per semester. DRAs are available in the fall and spring semesters only.

All interested students will be invited to apply for positions during the first month of the program. 

Students admitted to the MA in Climate and Society are encouraged to apply for external funding and fellowship opportunities. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences maintains a list of external funding opportunities.