Student Opportunities

Climate School students are offered a variety of opportunities for internal and external funding to pursue their passions in research as assistants or with faculty advisors as well as enhance their professional skills in the administrative workspace. Opportunities throughout the year will be shared through the Climate School's Wednesday Weekly newsletter.

Internship Program

The Climate School offers internships for undergraduate, master’s, and PhD students in diverse administration, communications and research roles with climate and sustainability-related projects. The internships provide hands-on workplace experience, allowing professional learning and growth.

Collaborative Research Grant

The Collaborative Research Grant provides an opportunity for undergraduate and master’s students to undertake paid research alongside renowned Columbia University faculty. This unique program is student driven, allowing students to select and pursue a topic they are passionate about, while receiving guidance from a leading member of the scientific community.

Travel Grant Program

Through the travel grant program the Climate School allocates funding to support travel by students matriculated in Columbia University degree programs who are engaged in research projects dealing with issues of environmental and sustainable development. This travel can be domestic or international and is for projects directly related to a student’s degree program at Columbia University.

Climate and Society Departmental Research Assistantships (DRAs)

DRAs work under the supervision of Columbia Climate School affiliates on a variety of research projects related to climate and sustainability. Positions run mid-October through the end of May for a total of 270 hours. The Climate and Society DRAs are only open to current, full-time Climate and Society students. 

Climate School Student Research Showcase

The Climate School is committed to supporting and showcasing student research in the areas of environmental and sustainable development. Every April, the Climate School hosts the Student Research Showcase which provides an opportunity for students researching sustainability and environmental topics to present their work.